The other one is the traditional and older style belt drive. You will You get less hot air for your money. Furnaces need monthly maintenance and many do-it-yourselfers overlook the blower-fan belt. More Info & Customer The pulleys should line up perfectly. A blower belt that is worn out or fraying will make a high pitched squealing noise as it makes it’s rotations. HVAC AC motors are used in equipment such as fans, blowers, pumps, air conditioners, heaters, and compressors. The access panel is quite often too loose allowing it to rattle; or too tight allowing you to break fingernails removing it. A furnace fan is bound to need some maintenance work done every few months to keep it running smoothly. In older furnaces, the fan is usually belt-driven, while newer furnaces use a belt-less centrifugal fan. All prices are in CAD. The blower cabinet in most older furnaces is essentially a hollow tin box with a motor and fan hanging from the top. Problem could be dragging blower fan, dry blower motor bearings, or slipping belt. Direct drive blower and belt drive HVAC AC motors circulate air in roof ventilators and air circulators. If the belt is frayed or looks worn, replace it right away. They can also sustain damage if they're installed incorrectly. Powered by OurDigitalWeb Shopping Cart, Annual Furnace Servicing & Furnace Safety Inspection, 340" BLOWER BELT (V-Belt, Type 4L, Belt Number 4L340, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 34"), 360" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L360, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 36"), 370" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L370, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 37"), 380" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L380, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 38"), 400" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L400, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 40"), 410" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L410, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 41"), 420" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L420, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 42"), 430" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L430, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 43"), 440" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L440, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 44"), 450" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L450, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 45"). A worn, wimpy belt isn’t dangerous, but it makes a squealing noise that may drive you crazy and, more important, cost you money. 00 Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2 FREE Shipping by Amazon Other options New and used from $57.10 4.5 out of 5 … Furnace blower motor with belt and pulley Eventually, the motor may simply burn out. The belt itself typically $10-15 on up to $50 range depending on size and brand. The OL33 Series provides increased capacity and comes with a Belt Drive Blower Motor.. Repair your Lennox Furnace Belt for less. Weak airflow can be an indicator of other problems too such as used up air filters but problems with the motor are a likely cause too. You'll notice a burning smell or the motor will simply refuse to run no matter what you do. Fast, same day shipping. Keep the extra one in a plastic bag on a nail by the furnace for those middle-of-the-night, all-the-stores-are-closed, the-house-is-freezing, blown-fan-belt emergency. Find Furnace Belt Parts at They are typically used for basement room installations with low-height restrictions. Or if a high-efficiency furnace or one with an eductor motor assist Observe the flame of the match – if it blows in the wind or goes out, then that is a good sign that your If a furnace is making a squealing noise, it’s normally an issue with the blower belt or the blower motor. A fan wheel rubbing on the fan housing will cause quite a racket. If your furnace blower fan is squeaking, it’s coming from either your fan belt or your blower motor bearings. Over time, ball bearings can develop wear and tear. Packard Draft InDucer Fan Furnace Blower Motor for Carrier 326628-761 4.5 out of 5 stars 21 $162.94 $ 162. Check the tension. Sitemap | There are 5 main bad furnace blower motor symptoms to look for: Weak airflow coming from the vents. If the burner on your unit continuously goes out when the blower comes on, most likely some general maintenance and cleaning are needed for the unit. You get less hot air for your money. Most furnace systems today are forced-air systems that need air to be moved into and out of the system. Before each heating season, clean the fan blades, check the motor belt for wear and tear and sufficiently lubricate the motor. The repair usually involves replacement of motor bearings and drive belts in older furnace blowers, and just the bearings in centrifugal blowers. In fact, as long as you’re buying a new blower-fan belt, buy two. Inspect the belt for wear and tear. If the belt between the motor and the blower breaks, it can be replaced with a new belt in about 15 minutes using some basic hand tools. The advantage of a direct furnace blower motor is that there is no belt that needs to be adjusted or replaced, which reduces maintenance and increases efficiency. One of the common issues with a furnace fan is the fan belt getting worn out and causing the fan to squeal or turn irregularly. Belt Drive Blower Motors Single Speed-Split Phase Century Catalog Page Sort By: Century Electric Motor 1 hp 1725 RPM 56 Frame 115/230V Belt Drive Blower Motor Century # … In this episode of Repair and Replace, Vance shows how to replace the belt on a furnace blower fan. While your furnace’s blower is running, light a match and put it in front of each of your heat exchanger’s cells, one at a time. These standard direct drive & belt drive furnace motors fit most furnaces. Learn how to replace worn furnace belts. Some replacement parts may be necessary, but by first systematically cleaning and maintaining the flame sensor, air filters, vents, and other components , you are likely to extend the efficiency and life of your central heating system. If you have noticed this problem with your furnace fan, then it is time to tighten the fan belt. Even if the belt looks good, if it has more than 1/2 inch of give either way (1 inch total), tighten it by taking up the extra slack by using the motor adjusting bolt. While you’re in there fooling with the belt, check the pulley alignment too. Don’t tighten too much — a too-tight belt damages the motor and fan bearings and makes a big, expensive mess of things. Use belt drive blower accessories from Grainger to help you replace worn 3/4" or 1” drive shafts and bearings. Century, Fasco, Rotom, Dayton and more. Step 2: Create a Safe Workspace When working with any unit connected to electricity, it’s important to turn off the power to prevent electrocution and damage to your furnace. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific problems you may be having and what you can do to fix it. How To Replace a Furnace Belt - When you lubricate your furnace motor, check the belts as well to see if they are frayed or damaged. To do this job safel… The motor has a lot of moving parts that could be dangerous when not handled properly. Well, the first step is finding the source of the noise. There may be a power switch on your furnace that can be switched off for extra safety as well. Your furnace has a blower mechanism, which blows the heated air into the ducts so it warms your home. At this point, you have little choice but to replace the motor. One is the newer model of direct drive, where the motor is attached directly to the fan blower. Century DL 1076 Furnace Blower Motor, HP: 3/4 RPM: 1075/3 SPD Volts: 115 AMPS: 9.5 [wpramaprice asin=”B007ATNL6O”] 3/4 HP 1075 RPM 115 volts Direct drive fan & blower motor, reversible rotation. Find Lennox Furnace Belt Parts at 94 Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3 Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Regularly inspect blower-fan belts for any sign of damage and replace the belt if it’s damaged. Look for signs of cracking or weakness. 365 day right part guaranteed return policy. A belt drive blower shaft is a tough piece of equipment, but even the hardest moving parts need protection. 365 day right part guaranteed return policy. The motor can accumulate dirt over time and the gradual buildup can wear down the system Adjust the pulley alignment. The belt drive blower motor is mounted on top of the blower and the blower belt connects the drive pulley to the driven pulley mounted on a shaft with two bearings holding the blower wheel. Every forced air furnace has a blower motor attached to a fan that circulates the air; however, there are two types of drive systems. Repair your Furnace Belt for less. If your furnace is so loud it’s making it hard to concentrate on work or watch your favorite television show, you can decrease your blower speed to quiet the unit. Fast, same day shipping. If you see any twisting in the belt, loosen the motor pulley mounting bolts and make an adjustment. If you have a belt-drive blower, then you will want to inspect the belt that may be the cause of the squeaking or hissing noise. In a drive belt motor, the motor pulley is connected to a fan pulley mounted on a shaft to turn the blower wheel. If the belt isn’t tight enough, it slips, and the fan won’t turn as it should. How to Inspect the Blower-Fan Belt on a Furnace, How to Prevent Carbon-Monoxide Build-Up in Your Home, How to Tell Whether Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-up. 360" BLOWER BELT - (V-Belt, Belt Type 4L, Belt Number 4L360, Top Width 1/2", Nominal Outside Length 36") Copyright 2020 BC Furnace & Air Conditioning Parts Store. OL33 Series - Lowboy with Belt Drive Blower Motor Lowboy furnaces are shorter in height with the blower in back of the heat exchanger. If the belt isn’t tight enough, it slips, and the fan won’t turn as it should. One part of that blower mechanism that can fail is the set of ball bearings. A good way to double-check is to make sure your furnace is off is by turning the thermostat all the way up and waiting a minute or two to ensure that it doesn’t start up. By accurately maintaining your furnace’s blower motor, you can assure your family’s year-round comfort. A1585, 1/3HP Furnace Blower Motor, 115V, 1075RPM, 6.1AMP 4.6 out of 5 stars 177 $85.00 $ 85. Locate your circuit breaker box and switch the breaker for your furnace off. A furnace blower is the main component of the furnace system that forces air into the ducts and out of the vents in rooms where heating is needed. A worn, wimpy belt isn’t dangerous, but it makes a squealing noise that may drive you crazy and, more important, cost you money. The quality, uptime, and performance of our furnaces are high above standard and are impressive even to our competition and most skeptical potential buyers. Belt drive motors are less common for residential furnaces, as usually only very old furnaces use belt drive. Knowing how to inspect the blower-fan belt improves furnace efficiency. It could also be the Repair and replacement of a furnace blower can often be accomplished by the average homeowner. 1 Turn off the circuit breaker to the furnace. Buy furnace blower motors online at discount prices. If the furnace blowers are generating heat in insufficient quantities, the issue is likely due to either a dirty motor or a loose blower belt.

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