Nathalie Kelley, Actress: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The Vampire Diaries saison 8 : On sait qui s’en est pris à Damon et Enzo dans la saison 8 de The Vampire Diaries. As the two girls drive off, Sybil sirens an incoming driver. The casting call read, "an immortal who uses her immeasurable power and influence to control other people, manipulating them into twisted games and tests for her own amusement and glorification.". Cause of death They quickly grew attached to each other and Seline began looking after Sybil, however, her method of doing was highly immoral as Seline had lured and butchered sailors to the island and use their bodies to feed herself and her sister, the latter of whom was unaware of this but after finding out, Sybil committed suicide. Family Members The three soon get in Bonnie's car and heads towards the two men before they begin to fight. Status He manages to make her cry and asks if he gets a prize for it, and she then replies if he wants a prize, then he'll get his humanity back. When Bonnie chooses Enzo, Sybil tells her she chose wrong and that she'll have Damon kill her. Horrified in having partaken in cannibalism, Sybil tried to commit suicide as she told her sister that she would rather die than be part of any more murder. After the dinner, she and Damon walk around Mystic Falls and she comments about his heart. Physical appearance She was subsequently thrown into the sea, where she washed ashore a nearby isolated island where she found herself exiled. Title(s) He was gifted with the ability to see into the minds of others as the world's very first psychic. Shortly afterward, both he and his coworkers found that their lamps were quickly snuffed out, leaving Dalton vulnerable to attack from Sybil. Sybil then utilizes her psychic link to Violet and while she does this, Peter and Matt have already freed most of the students. Sybil finally found out about Enzo’s connection to Bonnie in the last episode, and in The Vampire Diaries season 8, episode 3, she discovered that Damon is also very connected to her. ... Sybil. She says she doesn't want to blemish her record of controlling men, and Damon states Enzo is a tough one with his time in a cage and his gaining tolerance for torture. Season: OR . His season five death is the one we're listing here.… Elle s'apprête à nous envoûter et nous glacer dans le sang dans la 8ème et dernière saison de Vampire Diaries : zoom sur la carrière de la belle australienne Nathalie Kelley. Seline then made a deal with Cade and the two became the first and only known Sirens on earth. Her sister Seline told her how to use and increase her telepathic powers. Initially, she inhabited the island alone, until another village girl with the same abilities washed upon the shore, Sybil. Sybil was condemned for being a psychic in her former family group/society and was imprisoned on a deserted island. Vampire Diaries + Originals Crossover. Conversely, The Vampire Diaries' lead actor, Ian Somerhalder declined to reprise his role in Season 9 or in future. This was until Sybil discovered a cave full of sailor bones, she then came to conclusion that Seline was feeding her human meat, not wild animals native to the abandoned island. She was subsequently thrown into the sea, where she washed ashore a nearby isolated island where she found herself exiled. On the last episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Sybil was captured and taken to the Armory. Played by Caroline then knocks Sybil out as she is yelling in pain. Supernatural information Sybil stated that she was tasked with harvesting evil souls, and had enslaved Damon and Enzo to assist her. Ultimately, Seline's plan to sacrifice the town in exchange for Sybil's death is thwarted and they meet up a a dinner and Sybil wants to attempt to bury the hatchet between her and Seline. 52. Sybil possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a human/psychic. Saved by We Heart It. Intimacy Levels While doing the ornaments, Matt and his father, Peter, arrive and Sybil exclaims that they've been waiting for them. Gender Seline starts the chant to summon Cade and Sybil then says that Stefan is at the motel. In What Are You?, she is seen in a flashback that shows she sirened Ethan Maxwell that involved the bell. Menu. Sybil in vampire diaries looks like she actually has the potential to be a psychopath in real life? Suddenly, many of them are killed by Sybil in the vault. General Information Sometime later, they are lured through the tunnels under Mystic Falls into the armory by Ethan and Beatrice Bennett. When Stefan rips the chain from the talisman and throws it on the floor, Sybil walks down the staircase in a blue dress and asks Stefan to dance. After leaving us completely in the dark for the first few episodes of The Vampire Diaries season 8, Sybil decided it was time to fill in the blanks of her life story and her purpose. Casting for the character was done under the name Sybil for which Nathalie Kelley got the part. Height ... Sybil Overtook His Body. Alaric uses the tuning fork and tells her it's for Tyler, but she explains to him that was more Damon and all she did was suggest that he whatever he could do sever his remaining ties. He tells her he's going to need her help in the deal he has in mind, and she tells him to go on. They are adoptive sisters through the bond they shared on the island. Sybil lost all her trust in Seline and began to resent her for thousands of years after this, especially when Cade made a deal with them for eternal servitude in exchange for not going to his hellish realm. The Village Girl (by herself)She-Devil (by Alaric)Psycho American Idol Reject (by Caroline) She notes that Stefan won't allow his brother to die and that nobody is choosing Enzo, and Bonnie tells her "no" when she asks if she is just going to allow Enzo to die. Seline then made a deal with Cade and the two bec… This season, however, Damon states he had flipped his humanity switch, with Enzo holding onto some of his own humanity, as he subtly warned Bonnie and Stefan to leave. Sybil then erases Elena's memory from his mind and reprogrammed him to see her instead in that key moment of their first meeting. At some point afterward, Sybil was resealed into the vault with magic and remained that way until 2017. Movies. While Seline continues her call, Sybil insults her and Cade appears. Later, corpses of The Armory members are shown, scattered across the building. Nathalie KelleyUnknown (Voice of Yvette and Unknown 1882 Female)Nina Dobrev (Voice of Elena/Hallucination)Sydney Wease (Flashback) ... Sybil hijacks Caroline and uses her skill in place of Damon and Enzo, going all over the country. They arrive at the abandoned cottage and Sybil remarks that it has gone downhill since 1790. The Vampire Diaries: la mère de Matt est-elle lié à Sybil ? Fox Show (2013) and The Blacklist (2013). However, before the conversation concluded they were interrupted with the appearance of Arcadius himself. Under the pretense that Sarah is someone he really cares for, Sybil orders the deaths of all Sarah Nelsons as she was unable to see her face. Despite her anger at becoming a Siren, Sybil seems to have embraced her nature as she made a side deal with Cade to keep her powers and immortality, and has promised Seline that her plan has only just began. — Becki (@beckiheard) January 13, 2017. She showed an a interest in acting at a young age and enrolled in summer classes at NIDA. However, because of her previous conversation with Virginia, she makes a plan to keep her promise to Virginia. Sometime later, she is met with Damon's surprise appearance and is met with questions as to why he still has free will and yet he's still her servant. Adoptive Sisters, Enemies, Frenemies; Ended (Both are dead). The Vampire Diaries (TVD) - Season 8 Episode 8 - We Have History Together Stefan and Damon attend an anger management support group looking for their However, when he used his powers to peer into a man's mind and saw his \"impure\" thoughts for a young woman in the village, he approached the man with an offer to help … In Hello, Brother, Sybil forces Damon and Enzo to collect more bodies for her to feed off of. The Vampire Diaries: qui est l’actrice Nathalie Kelley alias Sybil ? She then erases this knowledge of Seline and asks him questions if he remembers, and he doesn't. The lives, loves, dangers and disasters in the town, Mystic Falls, Virginia. Sometime before 750 B.C, Sybil, in her young teens, was discovered to be a Psychic, which led to her being forcibly taken from her parents and home by villagers, who had long ago banished any psychic from their land. Follow/Fav Sybil. While her sister Seline was initially much more darker than her and even manipulated Sybil, over the centuries, Sybil became much more malevolent and still holds a grudge against her sister for both turning her into Siren and abandoning her in the vault. Uploaded by little_angel_4. Sybil tells Damon that Seline left her to rot in the Vault, but Seline tells her she almost found a free way to free not just her, but from everything, then she escaped. Stefan comes to the house and tells them to fix Damon since Cade wants more souls to be sent to Hell. In one scene at the end, it appeared that she still was able to control Damon. Alaric uses the tuning fork against her, causing her double down in pain. Damon, Elena et Sybil Saved by pauline thijs Serie Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries Seasons Vampire Diaries The Originals Damon Salvatore The Salvatore Brothers Original Vampire New Friendship Mystic Falls Vampire Dairies Although not seen together in modern times in this episode, Sybil reveals that her siren sister is still out there, causing havoc and problems for them all. However, instead of God appearing behind her, it was the spirit of Arcadius, who offered Seline and Sybil immortality and eternal youth in exchange for their servitude. Sybil continues to explain, almost to the point of tears, that she tries to be the good sister and she compares her life to Stefan's history. She tells him that Cade is their master and that they send the souls of the wicked to Hell while they keep their youth. She has strong facial features and an olive skin tone. She then tells him he is worthy and ready for the truth. Vampire Diaries + Originals Crossover. What Are You? When Caroline inches closer to her in the classroom, she tells her that none of the students will make it to their next class. On this island, Sybil met a girl, Seline, whom she referred to as "the island girl," and they both discovered that they shared the same psychic abilities. The Siren is initially referred to as the Armory's Monster, and her true identity is a mystery to the residents of Mystic Falls. Virginia attacked Bonnie when she learned about the possibility of the vault being opened just like Kol tried to kill Jeremy when he learned about the possibility of Silas being free. Sybil reveals she has been using the Internet to discover that prey that is killed calmly is exposed to less adrenaline and is thereby more delicious. She tells him she wants him and to go ahead and turn his humanity back on, and live his life. She states that she used to hope for her sister to save her, but Seline never did. Sybil and Seline are adoptive sisters through their time on Arcadius' island. For years, Seline and Sybil survived off of hunting meat and having faith in Cade. In the hotel room, Sybil is trying to get Enzo to turn off his humanity as she has big plans. WORST: The HereticsWhen Lily Salvatore returned toward the end of the series, it felt like something … TVD fam, we HAVE to discuss The Vampire Diaries latest episode 8×04, “An Eternity of Misery.” So many shocks and twists happened in the episode – it was crazy!! Seline asks her what she's up to and Sybil replies with that the game's not over yet. Though Dalton and his coworkers were able to escape, Sybil still managed to burn out his humanity, causing Dalton to become a remorseless killer who wasted no time murdering his friends. Jul 14, 2017 - Sybil Fashion on The Vampire Diaries | Nathalie Kelley | Sybil’s burgundy coat on The Vampire Diaries After Damon and Enzo capture a killer and feed it to her in the pool of blood, the blood starts to bubble, the sound of singing can be heard, and Sybil rises from the blood and shows her face for the very first time. Sybil hijacks Caroline and uses her skill in place of Damon and Enzo, going all over the country. Sybil's mind control powers seem to have changed since the last season as Virginia states that the monster simply takes away her victims' humanity and empathy, which is showcased when Damon and Enzo were killing people contently at the end of Season Seven. Qui dit nouvelle saison, dit nouveaux acteurs. She also reveals that there are two sirens and she'll tell Stefan soon enough. Nathalie Kelley is a Peruvian–Australian actress known for her role as Neela in the 2006 action film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and for her roles in various television series including Body of Proof (2011–2012), Unreal (2015), The Vampire Diaries (2016–2017) and Dynasty (2017–2018). When Damon confronts Tyler Lockwood on a road, it's shown that Sybil is continuing to influence him, and he kills Tyler. Seline, the older of the two girls and more experienced in her powers, taught the young Sybil to use her voice in conjunction with her psychic abilities to lure ships to the island in hopes of finding a way out. Dalton St. John was somehow able to open the vault and went inside of it, accompanied with some of his Armory colleagues. There, the witches took exception. Sybil then goes to Stefan and tells him that Damon's been resisting her influence. HerselfArcadius (2nd time) The Staff of Arcadius was removed from the bell and sent to the Armory for safekeeping. Appearance She told him to give in and give her what she wants, to which he tells her that he hid the striker upstairs. In Nostalgia's a Bitch, Sybil offers her help with Damon to Caroline and Bonnie, but she wants something in return, the bell. (Flashback). Publié par Solène S. le 25 juillet 2016 à 23h22 . She corrupted and enslavedthose that crossed her path, feeding off of the darkness in a person's soul as well as devouring their flesh for sustenance. Nathalie Kelleyis a Peruvian-Australian actress who portrays Sybil in the eighth and final season ofThe Vampire Diaries. She asks if her is Christmas present is in his jacket and he pulls it out. Sybil was unknowingly a cannibal, and once she found out she tried to kill herself. Sybil's white v-neck top with strappy back on The Vampire Diaries. She tells him that the thing inside is head that he has to fear his not her, but himself. Adoptive Sisters, Frenemies, Former Allies, Enemies; They proclaimed themselves to be sisters thousands of years ago, Seline looked after Sybil for years on an abandoned island they were both exiled to, Sybil looked up to Seline as she taught her how to survive, Seline lied to Sybil for years about the food they were eating on the abandoned island, Sybil resents and blames Seline for who she is today, Sybil made a deal with Cade and cheated Seline out of her freedom as revenge for all those years she lied to her about their island food and for leaving her in the Armory. They stop in New Orleans when Sybil finds question of Caroline's loyalty still tied to an original hybrid she believes skipped out on his promise. Sybil (Nathalie Kelley) is the most ruthless villain The Vampire Diaries has had in some time, but that doesn't mean there isn't a heart in there somewhere - or … She asks Stefan if the story sounds similar with one good sibling and the other evil, and that the parallels between the two girls and the Salvatore brothers are the pretty much the same. After three months, Damon and Enzo have been piling up bodies on the West Coast and they are seen in a warehouse, where they are surrounded by multiple hanging bodies with their throats slit as Dalton St. John had done to his fellow Armory members. He tells her on the contrary that he knows plenty and insults her. From then on, Sybil and Seline became the first (and, as far as it is known, only) Sirens, Cade's servants, who he had granted continued access to their psychic abilities (which were further enhanced by their voices) in addition to eternal life, youth, and accelerated healing. Before Caroline can do anything else, she asks her if she's sure her children aren't still linked to her. Unfortunately, this gift came at a price: the Siren sisters would now be forced to feast on the flesh of the wicked, regardless of how small their sins are, in order to maintain their youth and life, while the souls of their victims would be sucked into Arcadius' own realm, Hell. She tells Caroline that the bell is a replica and the real one was threw over the Wickery Bridge in 1992 by Peter. New photos from The Vampire Diaries’ Jan. 20 episode (The CW, 8/7c) find the gang reliving one of the show’s most iconic m… She tells him he's the answer to save his brother, which is to kill Cade. La comédienne était jusque là connue des téléspectateurs de la chaîne pour incarner Sybil, sirène machiavélique qui torture les frères Salvatore à Mystic Fall, dans Vampire Diaries. She asks him again if he is the village girl or the island girl, and he answers he is both. Later on, thanks to their shared gifts as psychics, they grew close, like sisters, related in everything but blood. The Siren Sisters, Sybline Caroline asks her if she was responsible for the deaths and Sybil tells her she and Seline had come into town and threw a little wrinkle into the local metalsmith's plan who was making a bell for the witches. Family information Sybil, initially known as The Armory's Monster, was actually a Siren. She reveals to Caroline that she was the one that told her boss to send her to the high school for an assignment. 'The Vampire Diariest' has cast 'UnREAL' alum Nathalie Kelley as Sybil, aka evil herself, for Season 8. After a conversation about heroes and their girls, Damon tells him that it doesn't always work out so great and that at first, it hurts, but it then becomes kind of fun, and Enzo is grabbed from behind by the monster. At the Founder's Hall, Sybil arrives and tells Caroline that she'll make sure that the brothers behave as long as she gets what she wants. She then begins to alter Damon's memory of his and Bonnie's time together while he's driving, she tells him he still has too many attachments and people who think he can be saved. She says he might find some small pockets of happiness, but death will deliver him to Cade. The Vampire Diaries saison 8 : La saison 8 de Vampire Diaries devrait débarquer cet automne sur la CW et pour patienter, voici quelques faits à savoir concernant les nouveaux personnages. In Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell, the sisters come face to face once again after 135 years apart. She says any deaths today will be her fault and will go on her scoreboard for Hell. Find images and videos about tvd on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Lizzie wakes up and says she doesn't want to sleep anymore, grabbing Sybil's hand and siphoning it, breaking the mental control in the process.
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