It is always interesting to hear about hands-on experiences with new models. The finest GrandTouch keyboard and sound system combine to give you the ultimate grand piano experience. With that in mind it's fair to say those Kawai pianos are digital pianos with hybrid action because they use long wooden keys with counterweights, etc ALMOST EXACTLY AS IN a real grand piano action with other elements being from a digital piano such as hammer mechanism, escapement simulation, etc. There's got to be loads of improvement on all these models with on board menus and that, so first impressions can be misleading in the extreme. Check with your Yamaha dealer. Speaking of CA97/CS11, in addition to better speakers, they have a soundboard, much like an acoustic upright piano. I certainly agree with Mac about cars and understand his reasoning when applied to pianos. Kawai CA67, CA97. IMO hybrid is a term applied to the piano as a whole, not just the action. Digital Piano Comparison: Yamaha VS Roland VS Kawai VS Casio: Which Brand Is Best? Probably both of them are really really good, so it's a matter of choice. Personally I find their touch a lot more appealing than Yamaha or Kawai. The title says it all. This allows you to play a note again without having to raise all the draft of it. They've been shipping them for awhile from online retailers. This results in a more natural, piano-like attack to the sound. Very necessary for legato passages. Colors / Finishes. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-600 series Overview video. We cant help you with that problem. ... but nevertheless, it’s a limitation that I don’t really found on Yamaha CLP-575, CLP-585 or CA97/CS11. This is the same support length found on the Yamaha S3X premium grand piano (as of April 2017), and is the longest support length used on any digital piano. Colours / Finishes. The powerful tone of the acclaimed CFX. I haven't tried a 685 yet but it is supposed to have a new long pivot Grand touch action (which hasn't gotten many reviewed yet) and people generally like Yamaha's tone. I can't speak for Kawai because I've never used their digital pianos, and I dislike their acoustic pianos. MP Series. Roland HP603, HP605. You cannot call any of these better than the other in terms of quality. It will be the next model after the CLP 585, which is arguably one of the best digital piano in the current market. The major difference lies in … The Hammer Action is very precis… Smart Pianist lets you access the many features of your Yamaha digital piano with your smart device. your hands-on impressions of the CLP-685. AG pianos are hybrid pianos because they use real grand piano action and digital sound. The CVP701 has 777 different voices and 29 different drum sounds so if you want to able to command a wide range of instruments then the CVP range could be for you. Our store has them. Visit Virtual Sheet Music to learn more... Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.4, Quick Links to Useful Piano & Music Resources. Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos The aim is to look as much as possible like an acoustic grand piano. You do have to try both and decide, you are talking about two very high end DPs and it will almost certainly come down to preference. This a follow up video to this video (part 1). Fun Stuff! I am unsure what the next model will include outside of better speakers/sound samples, but if you're worried about price, the 585 is an awesome unit and feels great to play for a digital piano. However, my daughter liked the Kawai key action better. Name OS Size Last Update; Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.0.4 for Windows 10 (64-bit) Win: 7.1MB: 2020-09-25: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.0.3 for Mac macOS 10.15-10.12 Stage pianos for music professionals who do not accept compromise. Several decades ago, Kawai made the bold decision to begin the production of piano action components utilizing ABS-Styran. The choice came down to the Yamaha YDP/CLP series vs the Kawai KDP/CN series. I guess I'm after a particular sound, so if I don't get it I move on. Clavinova er de fineste digitale klaverer som Yamaha fremstiller og de opfylder alle behov og ønsker hos pianoentusiaster over hele verden. Looking for a used digital piano such as a Yamaha CLP-625, CLP-635, CLP-645, CLP-675, CLP-685, CLP-665GP, AvantGrand N1, N2, N3, CVP-705, Kawai CN29, CN39, CA48, CA49, CA58, CA78, CS11, Roland HP702, HP704, LX705, Casio GP-300, GP-500, and other late or current model digital pianos? Give Roland a try, maybe the FP-90. I have been friends with the Yamaha America since 1983. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I tried the CLP600's and they sounded nicer than the previous series imo. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Price: $6,999.00 (Black) - $7,499.00 (Polished Ebony) - $7,999.00 (Polished White) RRP Yamaha Clavinova CLP-585. Affordable digital pianos providing an exceptional introduction to Kawai quality. This special app provides the most features when utilized with the revolutionary Clavinova Smart Pianist (CSP) series digital pianos, but is also compatible with a range of Yamaha digital pianos. There are new improvements to the 635. The Yamaha CLP-685 B is another digital piano model that does not fail to impress. These are high end units, so if you're an experienced pianist, you'll need to sit down and play them to see what feels right for you. CLP-685. I did not like the sound nor the action compared to my Kawai CA95. We Didn’t Let Any Detail Slide Our fingers are more sensitive than we think, and for pianists, the texture of the piano keys is extremely important. Please Pass It On! Kawai CS8, CS11. - Synths & Keyboards. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Also check how long the warranty time is. Bosendorfer not good. ES Series. Compare selected instruments. Product Information. At the moment we only deal with second hand Yamaha Clavinova CVP and CLP models apart from our range of new Kawai and Casio digital pianos. Their actions are also a lot...a LOT louder, based on my experience. I'm planning to buy a top of the range digital piano and I can't decide between the Yamaha CLP 685 and the Kawai CS1. Check with your Yamaha dealer. The 600 series has been out for a little bit now. Can you try them? I feel that established a basic definition of 'hybrid' in relation to pianos. Like I said, I don't think there is a consensus. CLP500 COMPARISON - CLP600 Comparison For all best in-store pricing, visit one of our stores. Product Information. I just tried out a Yamaha CLP-685 vs a Kawai CS11 and I went for the Kawai. CLP-685. Try out the CLP series and compare side by side. Both are known for out-class quality and commendable professional efficiency and both present wonderful models of digital pianos. The action is fantastic (probably second only to the Avant Grand) and the soundboard really brings a physical presence to the sound. The finest GrandTouch keyboard and sound system combine to give you the ultimate grand piano experience. I don't know what a GF2 is ... but since you're discussing it in this forum, it must be digital piano. In this video we compare the sound and basic design features of three mid-range digital pianos. There is also the Kawai Novus that will be out soon, but I assume the price will be much higher. Both are top-end digital pianos with very good build quality. I had the occasion to play a CLP 685 yesterday for about 30 min. This is one of the highlights of the Clavinova series and the Yamaha CLP 685. CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples; CFX Binaural sampling; ... CLP-685 … Portable and versatile digital pianos perfect for professionals and budding pianists alike. I didn't try CLP 685, but I tried Kawai CS-11 - the action is really good, the samples are just great. CLP-685. I'm planning to buy a top of the range digital piano and I can't decide between the Yamaha CLP 685 and the Kawai CS1.
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