goodmatt78, May 21 in Maintenance, Tech Info & Troubleshooting. So I can't imagine grease is meant to go there. Where the shaft is what is pushed through a hole in a boat to turn a propeller, the shaft seal is what is placed around it to keep the water out. Display as a link instead, × Compressed Length Water Lines Price ; PYI PSS Dripless 02034114 shaft seal… Sometimes, “burping” the seal will remove trash that is creating the problem. Once the bearing is on the shaft, the risk of misaligning the Sure Seal is reduced. After 2 months, filled with friends new & old and, We dubbed Isle Au Haut as 'Berry Island' due to th, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. They prevent water from entering the hull via pressure loading, typically by using a compressed rubber bellows to hold a graphite collar against a stainless steel collar. Boat Propellers. We didn't even see it. Shaft Size:1" Stern Tube O.D. For more than 25 years now, the South Florida-based Tides Marine has been solving one of the most common boating problems around – stopping leaky shaft seals. Published: October 12, 2000. To clean this material from the seal, carefully insert a clean rag between the sealing faces and work the rag around the seal. Sure enough there were. We have had problems with our dripless shaft seal since night one of owning Jelanea. If the shaft is “rough” it needs to be smoothed before re-installation. But it was fast enough to bend both the prop and the strut. It's a PSS dripless shaft seal. Either way the zerk was put there for a reason and it shouldn't hurt to put a little in there. In order to fix this we needed new set screws, that hold the rotor in place. 1 hour f. One of those nerve-wracking 'WTF WAS THAT NOISE?!? Cabo dripless shaft seals. The Tides Marine Sure Seal system is a water tight, self- aligning shaft seal. There is a beam under the stuffingbox that I think USED to actually hold it (hence the need for the flex coupling!). You running in salt water? I recommend the GFO type packing unless you want to convert to dripless...I’m not a dripless fan as the small water line to the unit can clog and destroy your shaft if ran dry to long. The "rotor" part is clamped/squeezed to the shaft and it has a big spring built in to the rotor (so no cheesey bellows). Speed bumps, shoaling and bridges -oh my! The zerk may be to put a small amount of grease on the internal seals and … Dripless seals are also known as "ground face seals" in the engineering world. Instead of compressing two faces against each other, a spring compresses a rubber ring against the shaft. Out she comes! WHY TIDES MARINE? Was hoping it was something less involved. As most other things in this small town were closed all day Sunday, we were glad the Hardware store was open at all. You can post now and register later. Dripless stuffing boxes work by pushing a carbon stator against a stainless steel rotor the carbon plate is held in place by a rubber bellows that is compresed to create pressure. Note: If looking to purchase a Tides Marine Shaft Seal, we have the entire catalog for sale, here: Tides Marine Shaft Seals. I am careful to burp the s rubber seal after each haul-out, and I … We’ve been busy – having family adventures. Dripless Shaft Seals by PYI and Lasdrop offer dripless operation on your boat and eliminate the need to packing and the drips that can lead to odors and the packing wear that can lead to leaks. You can remove the Phillips head screw plugs, pump waterproof grease into the zerk fitting until the grease comes out of the plugs you removed, then reinstall the plugs. I think that shaft seal is made by Marine Hardware, you can find it in their catalog on page 24: Shop online for Lasdrop seals, Trident Marine Hose, Dr. I have never heard of nor researched Chatfield shaft seals. Most of these units use what's called a face seal, with a flexible bellows attached to the stern tube (or stuffing box collar) that presses a fixed carbon/graphite flange against a rotating stainless-steel rotor which spins with the prop shaft, creating a seal between the rotor and flange. In some cases they may leak slightly and initially until broken in, however, this should not last more than a few hours. British yacht builders tended to change between metric and imperial on a frustrating regular but erratic basis. 17 results for dripless shaft seal. Shop Online! Our goal was to push it aft 1/4 to 1/2 inch to compress the bellows and stop the constant influx of water. But I have never heard of a French builder using metric shafts. As a guest, you are welcome to poke around and view the majority of the content that we have to offer, but in order to post, search, contact members, and get full use out of the website you will need to Register for an Account. We were able to stop that drip fairly easily, by turning on the engine and putting the boat in gear we freed whatever was causing the drip. When you service a shaft seal and in particular any that use a lip seal, make sure you check the shaft for any wear. At Tides, providing excellent customer service is our no. Check out the LASDROP Gen2. Was planning on having this done at the dealer but will give it a shot now.
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