With columns for items, categories, number of items, and check-mark areas, this list is ready to handle any move no matter how big or small. College Apartment Checklist: Living Room Essentials. #CreateWithHP #CollectiveBias. I'm a work at home mom of five children. Thank you for the comprehensive list – I especially appreciate the document list you’ve included. Items could include lamps, coffee tables, bath mats, dinner sets, and tools. You've got the basics. Filed Under: College Kids, Organizing, Printables. Help organize your items into boxes for the move. That means they’ll need cooking supplies, things to eat with and on, and a way to clean up after their meals. This gives you all the main products you can't forget. Last but definitely not least you have to furnish your living space. Unless we want to provide them with an unlimited food allowance, they’ll be making a lot of their own meals. Details. Pinning for my friends who have children going off to college! Since my son manages most of his life from his phone, this was a very appealing feature. * I’ve marked items with an asterisk to indicate that I think it’s a better idea to get these things after moving into your dorm room. First, a few furniture essentials to cross of your college apartment checklist. In: College, Shopping Lists. Room Decor. squawkfox.com. For more back to school tips and fun project ideas, check out all the #CreateWithHP posts. Let this college dorm room checklist be your guide and help you create the BEST dorm room. I realized last year’s pack list was woefully inadequate for his new living situation so I’ve created a College Apartment Packing List to include items that he’ll need this year that were provided in the dorms. You can print directly from your mobile device! → Save this packing list for college guys as a PDF! We made this packing list to help you get organized when moving into a college dorm room. After all, we had already been through the entire dorm set-up. Your go-to girlfriend for all things decorating, organization, + cleaning. The kitchen probably requires the most essentials. All Rights Reserved. Jump to college dorm room checklist printable; Considerations before packing for college. Cross out the rest. Closet Organizers: Shelf and Drawer Liner: Underbed Storage: Storage Trunk: Drawer Organizers: Shoe Shortage: Jewelry Organizer: Hangers/Hooks: Storage Chest/Cart You can jump right to the end of this list for a printable .pdf checklist for your convenience, click here. Having learned the hard way what I do and do not want in a new place from past experiences, I now create a comprehensive checklist for myself when I view any places that might be my next apartment. The Design Lab . This post may contain affiliate links, which means I'll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Click to Tweet . Moving is tough and requires as much foresight, planning, and organization as you can give. Please make sure that you save the file to your desktop before printing! For the kitchen, we picked up the eating utensils, pots and pans, cooking and serving utensils, and the pot holders and kitchen towels. He can print, scan, and copy without ever leaving his apartment. Hamper or bag – Be sure to print off my Printable Laundry Tips for College Students. All opinions are mine alone. It's time!! PDF; Size: 66.4KB . A college apartment checklist allows you to organize all of the things you need to keep in mind when planning that big move. Or see how I ironed them on a laundry bag. Whether you are living with friends or alone, this college apartment checklist will make moving as easy as possible. Amazon Choice Queen Mattress (GREAT Deal). First Apartment Checklist. Great checklist for college apartment move-in! Home » Printable College Apartment Packing List, This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. Now that you’ve chosen your city, chosen your neighborhood, and chosen your apartment, all the hard choices are out of the way. Printable College Apartment Packing List. Once you have a checklist, print in out and decide on what would prove appropriate for your apartment. You can download it here (it's free, of course!). but having a list that you can refer back to makes life so much easier. Get yourself ready for wine nights, dance parties, and movie showings with a room that checks all the boxes on our college apartment checklist. Copyright ©2020, By Sophia Lee. Real quick there are two things I want to explain. I didn’t. Despite this, moving off-campus into an apartment has plenty of benefits. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Download. Click this picture to download a printable version of the guide. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking Continue Reading, Your email address will not be published. With so much to do and so little time, getting organized for the move to college can be a bit overwhelming. We filled in this sample renter's checklist for you below, to give you some idea what to write. How much more could we possibly need? If your child will have roommates, divvy up the shopping list so that they don’t end up with 50 forks but no plates. It's one thing to move into your first college dorm and get all the essentials for sleeping there but a whole another level to making sure you don't forget anything in an apartment. This covers everything you need for school. August 2020. Receive all of my most popular College Printables for FREE! Thus, when I asked my son which cleaning supplies he needed, I was greeted with a blank stare. I’ve left some extra spaces for you to write in any items you think of that I might have overlooked. Even better, since it’s the world’s smallest all-in-one printer, it provides my son with lots of capabilities without taking up too much of his limited desk space. Choose only those that you will need in pursuing your course. 45 Best Valentines Day Gifts On Amazon Under $25. While living in a new apartment is fun, you still can't forget about your school essentials! The Ultimate Apartment Hunting Checklist I knew that I’d be on the apartment hunt again one of these days, but what I didn’t realize is that I’d be doing it so soon — and in another state. Apartment Checklist. To download the FREE PRINTABLE, click HERE. Moving into your first apartment can be really overwhelming and it's a MUST that you have a college apartment checklist that you can rely on. If they don’t have this specific model in stock, you can order it online and have it shipped to the store for free. What Students Should Not Bring. It may seem like the school year just ended, but it is never too early to begin preparing for your big move off campus. This covers all the bathroom necessities of the college apartment checklist. As you will discover, the list is meant for a general audience. If you know you will be returning home during the winter, you know you won’t need to pack your winter jackets in the fall. A private, or semi-private, bathroom means they can finally ditch the shower shoes, but they’ll also lose the janitorial service that kept their dorm bathroom clean and stocked with toilet paper and hand soap. Printable First Apartment Essentials Checklist Download. Still, we had to get a detailed list of what was provided so we knew if we needed to purchase blinds for the windows, lamps, a microwave, a desk and chair, etc.
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