- … The captioned charges are applicable for opening/ pertaining ESCROW/ TRA A/Cs (Trust & Retention A/C) to be recovered per annum. State Bank of India ATM Cards SBI Global International ATM Card Contactless transactions up to Rs 2,000 can be done without PIN at POS. Customers above 10 years of age having savings account are also eligible for International Debit Card; Fees and charges of International Debit Card. From the date of opening of LC to last date of its validity including usance period. Not applicable for export orders to be executed on deferred terms. Surcharge for payment at certain schools, colleges, universities, and government services. Visa/Master Card (Powered By ICICI BANK) 1.0 % + Applicable Taxes for all Domestic Credit Cards  NIL, for all Rupay Debit Cards  0.4 % + Applicable Taxes for Other Domestic Debit Cards up to ₹ 2000  0.9 % + Applicable Taxes for Other Domestic Debit Cards more than ₹ 2000 Secured with PIN and CVV2 for online transactions. Risk taken by the Bank). 0.35% Minimum: Rs 5,000/- (upfront) Maximum: Rs 12,500/-, Takeover of Home Loan  (Resident /NRI/PIOs), Pre Approved Home Loan  (In Principal Sanction). (per day per txn, Savings bank account- (Base and local Non base branch), Cash Deposit – Chargeable  Beyond 5 transactions in a month (excluding Alternate Channel transaction) - Rs 50/- per transaction, Savings Bank accounts Rural /Semi Urban  branches , Pensioner and Senior Citizen At any branch**, Cash Deposit – Chargeable  Beyond 5 transactions in a month (excluding Alternate Channel transaction) - Rs 40/- per transaction, (In case of cash aggregating Rs 50000/- or more deposited with the bank during  any one day, customer is required to quote his/her PAN  or submit form 60) **For BSBD and FI accounts there are no service charges for cash deposit ). 10000/. Present Rate of recovery of modification charges is as under. ; if any are to be recovered on actual basis. 2000/-. Note: Please note that any specific scheme related charges which is mentioned in the scheme specific circular remain in force and above charges are not applicable in those specific schemes of agriculture. Based on the details entered in the online registration form, a brief suitability analysis will be conducted and the list of debit cards which are ideal for the customer will be listed out. For convenient shopping, dining out at outlets accepting RuPay Cards in India. Else flat – Rs 50/-, Collection of Bills (Clean / Doc.-Demand & Usance), Rs 12- Per  Rs 1000/- or part thereof subject to Minimum  Rs  100/-, Rs 11/- per  Rs  1000/- or part thereof subject to Minimum Rs  1200/-, Rs 10/- per Rs 1000/- Min. 1 Crore and above @ 0.25% p.a for the unutilized portion. a) Charges for issue   of Duplicate Statement / Pass Book, In case of loss of complete blank cheque book, Charges for Cheque returned unpaid –(Outward) Clearing / Transfer, Charges at Branch against RTGS and NEFT charges mentioned under section Service charges & Fees, Sealed Covers: Rs 350/- per cover per annum or part thereof. Where  exchange benefit accrues to the bank, 0.125% of the bill amount. 50 lakhs. Where average utilization is 60% and above of the limit or as indicated in QIS statement, no commitment charges to be recovered separately. Personal Digital Cards Debit Cards Online Payments Using Baroda Debit Card The facility enables online payments for shopping, utility bills, travel/ hotel / movie ticket bookings, investments, subscriptions, etc. – Rs. 0.05% p.m. for the period of guarantee, Minimum Rs. Other Charges                                                             A) Advising LCs (only where LC opening Bank and advising Banks are different), B) Confirmation of LC (only where LC opening Bank and confirming Bank are different), No Change For addition of confirmation, 0.20% p.m. for the period of validity and usance on the amount of LC, For each transfer Rs. 50000/- Or above  10 packets i.e. Hot-listing of card. Rs 10000.00), Issue of Foreign Currency Travellers Cheques commission. Card Replacement Charges: Rs. Key Features and Benefits ₹ 3,000 worth Annual Movie Tickets ₹ 2,500/- worth welcome voucher 1 Crore - Rs. Rs. EPFO online collection/ ESIC online collection, PASSWORD PRINTING (charges on regeneration only, free for new user), Rs 25/- for Retail customer and Rs 50/- for Corporate customer, Revised w.e.f. Rs 75/-. Processing of any abnormal ratio of lower denomination of Rs. 1000.00 – Maximum Rs. 50% of the commission for unexpired period may be refunded at the discretion of bank. IndusInd Bank presents "Platinum Premier Debit Card", designed to deliver superior value through exciting features, offers and convenience of cashless payments for shopping, dining, entertainment and much more. In pursuit to broaden product range and to provide alternatives to customers, we have launched Visa Contactless Debit Card. All “out of pocket expenses” in addition to the TEV study charges are to be borne by the borrowers. Notably, there are no charges on PMJDY card variants. ), Counter signing/ Co-acceptance/ Availisation of Import bills. 1000.00 – Maximum of Rs. You can do so by calling the customer care service 24/7. collection charges, overdue charges, etc. Serial 41, Discontinued ( We have charged for Merchanting Trade transaction separately), Issuance of Delivery Order pending receipt of Import Bill ( document not under LC), Advance remittance against imports Where exchange benefit accrues to the bank, 0.15% of the remittance amount. @ 0.40% p.a. Restriction on International usage of Debit cards. 1000.00 – Maximum of Rs. Import bill (not under LC) drawn in rupees and in foreign currency on which bank earns no exchange benefit. 01.10.2019 Mandate - Rs 100/-, RuPay Classic (Non Personalised/ Personalised), 1st Year Free & Second Year onwards Rs 150/-, RuPay Platinum (Non-Personalised/Personalised), 1st Year Free & Second Year onwards Rs 250/-, Visa Classic (Non Personalised/ Personalised), Visa Platinum (Non Personalised/ Personalised), Government Sponsored Schemes - Fee Exempted, ATM charges after free OFFUS transactions, For Classic variant : Rs 250/-   For Platinum variant : Rs 450/-, Gift Card -Issuance : For amount up to Rs 2,000/-, Gift Card -Issuance : For amount  Rs 2,001/- Rs 10,000/-, Gift Card -Card Usage Charges (Per balance Inquiry), Travel Card Stand by card fees - USD/GBP/EURO, Travel Card- Replacement Card fee in case of lost/stolen card (post age extra) USD, Travel Card- Replacement Card fee in case of lost/stolen card (post age extra) GBP, Travel Card- Replacement Card fee in case of lost/stolen card (postage extra) EURO, Travel Card- ATM Withdrawal fee USD/GBP/EURO, Travel Card- ATM Balance enquiry fee USD/GBP/EURO, Travel Card- Refund of balance in the card account : USD/GBP/EURO. If instalment is paid in subsequent month there should not be any penalty, Revised  service charges excluding GST w.e.f. Debit Card can be used at Merchant Establishments, for E-Commerce and also at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). It has total assets of appox. 3) While issuing a standby LC, service charges equivalent to commission on Financial or Performance Guarantee be recovered, according to the nature of the guarantee provided by the standby LC. No. Beyond First five transactions  per month (excluding withdrawals from ATM) charges of  Rs.125/- per transaction. Request for cheque book. GST applicable on foreign currency exchanged – as below: (as applicable from time to time). 150. Purchase limit of Rs 2,00,000/- per day (POS), Card can be used for domestic as well as international transactions. Member banks (100 plus) of National Financial Switch having more than 1,18,000+ ATMs in the country. Minimum of Rs. Issuance of NOC for permitted cases in respect of capital account transactions, Non submission of APR/ proof of ODI/FCGPR/FCTRS/ARF/ Project Export progress report, Service Charges through Digital Channels (excluding GST), Service Charges through Branch (excluding GST) w.e.f. 15000.00. 1.00 crore to Rs. 300 cr - 0.05% of project cost – Min. show Savings bank account: Rural/Semi urban  branches , Senior Citizen and Pensioners at any branch, Current/CC/OD After issuance of 1st cheque book, charges for subsequent cheque book @ Rs 5.00/- per leaf. For making any transaction after that, customers are charged up to Rs 20. Stamp duty charges applicable in the respective states as per government regulations from time to time will be recovered wherever applicable. Purchase limit of Rs 2,00,000/- per day at POS/e-commerce. The Bank of Baroda Platinum Credit Card offers its bearer the advantage of both a credit card and a debit card. Deferred Payment Guarantees covering import of goods into India/repayment of foreign currency loans. 400. – Rs. or part thereof. All rights reserved, Baroda Connect (Net Banking) International, General/Regular- Baroda Advantage Account, Bank Of Baroda with Spice Agile Platform of MCA, Baroda Premium Current Account-Privilege (BPCAP), Baroda Small Business Current Account (BSBCA), Current Account for LIC/ Other Insurance Companies, Baroda Advantage fixed deposits (Non callable), Flexible Recurring Deposit Scheme – Yatha Shakti Jama yojna(new), Interest Subsidy Scheme For Housing The Urban Poor (ISHUP), Credit Risk Guarantee Fund Scheme for Low Income Housing (CRGFS), Baroda Vidya (for school education from Nursery to XII), Baroda Education Loan to students of premier Institutions, Government of India Interest Subsidy Schemes for Education Loan, Baroda Education Loan for EDP being offered by Premier Institutions in India, Baroda Education Loans for EDP being offered by Premier Institutions abroad, Higher Education & Skill Devp. This service is available 24/7 at any BOB ATM. Note : All services charges are exclusive of GST. Card replacement for non-photo card.
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