The models we recommend start around $4,500 for the 30-inch versions and $8,000 for the 36-inch versions, and the 48-inch versions can reach as high as $14,000. (Some Miele and Monogram models that we like have slightly bigger capacities). Ranges will offer slightly different convection techniques, and some have loads of convection-mode sub-settings. We’ve reorganized this guide around the best brands of high-end ranges (including one that we hadn’t recommended before), rather than specific models. The 6 burners are all sealed dual-flame burners with refined temperature adjustments from a low 140-degree simmer to a roaring 18,000 BTU. The cooktop on the Miele M-Touch is controlled by backlit knobs. Still, the specs are impressive and the reputation is strong. Well, they are pretty amazing, but maybe 6 seems too excessive to you. For a sleeker, more contemporary look, Miele is an excellent choice, particularly the M-Touch models. They have more parts and therefore may be more repair prone. GE Monogram Stacked Burners. But we didn’t worry about all those minor variations when we made our picks. Steve Sheinkopf of Yale Appliance told us that his store “could never sell [Monogram] when we carried the line. We’re leery of recommending brand-new models in such an expensive category, and we weren’t even able to see them in person. The red knobs are the most popular option—it’s like a defining trait for Wolf—but they’re available in black and stainless steel, as well. However, Miele manufactures its own panels and has an excellent reputation for reliability and quality control. Because of those concerns, Viking is not one of our top recommendations. Each grate can also be flipped upside down to serve as a wok support. It will hold a large cookie sheet, though. You might not be running a restaurant, but you still want appliances that have a polished, professional look and that can deliver professional grade performance. You don’t have to rotate your pans to keep one side from cooking more than the other. GE is a huge international company, with 300,000 + employees worldwide. Monogram dual-fuel ranges do very well in baking tests. GE Monogram 48" Side by Side Refrigerator Review. Stainless steel has been the dominant finish for appliances over the past 20 years, and it's still the most common finish for high-end ranges. Looking for a new TV but unsure where to start? […]. She made sure to check out all of our current picks in person at showrooms around New York. As if 6 burners weren’t enough, you get burners that have 2 modes. Learn more about Monogram. A 30-inch induction version of the M-Touch is also available. Monogram's intelligent appliances are built to enhance your kitchen, cuisine and beyond. Before that, she had a seven-year stint as a professional chef at New York City restaurants. The printing on the knobs that shows the settings is large, distinct, and very easy to read. Whether you want to shop by size, price, or purpose, we have recommendations. GE appliances come with a traditional warranty, but the company also offers extended coverage with a Service Protection … The older models are still available as of January 2019, and we think they’re worth considering if you can find them. We had planned to recommend Jenn-Air pro-style ranges in this guide, as a slightly more affordable option with a great reputation for high performance. These ranges are also more solidly constructed and made of heavier materials, and will improve the look of your kitchen—and often the resale value of your entire home—more than lower-cost ranges. The GE label does not resonate with the high-end buyer like a Wolf or Thermador.” Even though they’ve removed GE from the brand name, it may take a while to build a fresh reputation. Your GE burner has your back this time. However, we’re confident that most high-end ranges will last longer than cheaper ranges because they’re made out of higher-quality, heavier-duty materials. On paper, the cooktop is weaker than other pro-style ranges. If you’re shopping for a pro-style range online, you’ve probably come across listings for Thor ranges. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range will have you seeing stars and hearing the voices of angels. They look like Wolf or Thermador ranges but cost half as much. But its reputation for having problems in quality caught up with them. The wider the range, the less Monogram costs relative to other brands. LED task lights run under the bullnose of the range to make it look like the nicest thing in your entire house, and it pretty much will be. As for oven size, most will easily hold an enormous turkey, though many are too narrow to fit a full-size sheet pan. We also like its straightforward, knob-based controls, including a simple display built into the oven dial. It’s particularly great for bakers, with a huge oven that holds very consistent temperatures. What you get are reliable results every single time and 3 cooking racks that can actually be used to their full potential. But brighter colors are gaining popularity, along with some darker metallic finishes. The Monogram brand, however, has products designed and manufactured for both domestic and professional-use products. The Monogram’s exterior is a polished stainless steel with elegant edges and large control knobs for a modern look. Several cool, user-friendly features are built into the Monogram. That’s something to consider if you entertain often and rely on caterers. If all-electric is your only option, we’d recommend a model with an induction cooktop instead. You can always order the optional grill top kit and swap out the 2 central burners for your very own indoor grill. Commercial-style ranges, sort of like what you’d see in a restaurant, are still popular. At 5.4 cubic feet, the oven on the 36-inch model is one of the larger cavities found on a pro range of this width and shouldn’t have any problem baking a big ol’ holiday ham. But because it’s such a new product, none of our independent sources could vouch for it. Miele M-Touch ranges come in widths of 30, 36, and 48 inches. That said, Wolf dual-fuel ranges are quite expensive. This is the first brand that comes to mind for most people when they think about pro-style ranges. You get precision heating inside and out. We made sure that at least a few chefs, designers, and dealers vouched for the quality (and pedigree) of our picks. But to operate the oven, there’s an electronic touch panel. When you think of high-end ranges, you’re likely to think of Wolf. You can use them flat, or you can flip each grate over to create the perfect cradle for a wok. Narrower ranges have fewer cooktop burners and less oven capacity than wider models. It connects to an app on a mobile device for remote control—let’s say for preheating the oven from the car—if you’re into that kind of thing. Gas models are available in the same sizes, with very similar specs. Wider ranges usually come in versions with a grill or griddle in place of some of the burners. Join the discussion today. You can use this guide as a jumping-off point for your conversations with those pros. In a cooktop, versatility is the most important thing. discussion from the Chowhound Cookware food community. Read the GE Monogram kitchen stuff--any good? You can find some high-end ranges with induction cooktops (and electric ovens). That is a massive amount of room for a single oven, and it means that you can comfortably cook for an army of guests, an intimate dinner party, and everything in between. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Monogram ZDP364NDPSS range. It’s tech-heavy, with touchscreen oven controls, a steam option for baking bread, and preprogrammed settings for specific foods. To be clear, we did not test any of these ranges specifically for this guide. Read helpful reviews from our customers. The La Cornue Grand Palais 180, for example, can cost almost as much as a Tesla Model S. Range width is one of the first things you’ll decide on during a remodeling project, and most people want the biggest one that fits their space and budget. Also, the cooktop can’t quite crank out the heat like the other models we recommend. 32 reviews of GE Appliances "My new home came with all GE Monogram Appliances. It’s The Details That Define Us At Monogram it’s not just one detail, it’s many. The 48-inch version is particularly decked out with high-end features: two induction burners on the cooktop, a sous vide chamber, and steam assist in the secondary oven. But Jenn-Air recently redesigned its ranges and made major changes to the burners, oven, and controls. As far as short-term reliability, Yale Appliance found that Miele appliances had some of the lowest rates of services calls from their customers in 2018. But most rely on specialized burners for the highest- and lowest-temperature tasks and tend to reach more extreme temperatures on either end. You don’t need modern control knobs or LED running lights or artistic grates, but they sure do make being in the kitchen a lot more interesting. Professional-use Monogram … At GHI she tested and wrote about cooking equipment of all kinds (including ranges) for more than 30 years. Load them in on all 3 racks and don’t waste precious time standing around the oven batch after batch. You’ll also need hookups for both gas and 220-volt electric. Each burner should be able to hold moderate temperatures to keep foods like stews or tomato sauces at a steady simmer (about 190 °F). Wolf dual-fuel ranges are available in widths of 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches, with different configurations of burners, griddles, and grills. To help you maximize all that oven space, you get 3 extendable oven racks and 5 rack positions. It helps your family gather together, and by working efficiently, it can ensure you spend more time at the table and less time checking on the contents of your oven. While they won’t automatically make you a better cook, they will usually have more cooking power, precision, and versatility than lower-cost ranges. This is the first brand that comes to mind for most people when they think about pro-style ranges. By extending beyond the oven, these heavy-duty racks mean you can set pans and dishes full of food on them and then glide the rack back in. The Good Housekeeping Institute also found that the boil times were slow. We focused on dual-fuel models. As it stands now, you might not even know how many racks your oven has because you only ever dare to use the one. You don’t have to stand over your simmering sauce and whisk it constantly to keep it from burning. You can bake breads that puff up to your heart’s content. A brushed stainless steel finish and black glass doors lend a modern, luxurious look. The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range solves that problem with ease. We also think that the knobs on the latest models look downright junky, and the cooktop looks less impressive than it used to as well. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. I bought … The standard six-burner 36-inch option starts close to $10,000, more than the comparable model from any of our other favorite brands. The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range is everything you need from a kitchen appliance and everything you would expect from GE. Read 1,080 Reviews Founded in 1886 and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Bosch is an engineering company that manufactures electronics, auto parts and appliances. GE Monogram 36-inch Gas Range: A Comprehensive Review, KitchenAid KGCU467VSS Review: What You Should Know Before You Buy. Of course, with the gliding oven racks, you are less likely to spill food in the first place. The grate designs are clever as well. After all, your range is responsible for cooking the food that your family eats. It is quite possibly the most beautiful range ever created, and it can help you fall in love with your kitchen in addition to helping you prepare amazing meals. Some high-end ranges have cooktops comprised entirely of identical, versatile burners. The Wolf warranty is also better than average, with a full two-year warranty on parts and labor and a limited five-year warranty on parts. Monogram ranges are also available in 30-, 36-, and 48-inch widths in dual-fuel and all-gas variants. While the control panel offers lots of functionality, problems with electronics are the number one reason for service calls on ranges. The Monogram ZET1PHSS (MSRP … Let that sink in for a minute. In high-end ranges, you’ll always find ovens with a convection option. GE is predominantly sold through larger builders … The right appliances work as hard as you do, which in turn gives you just a little time to relax. Ranges below those thresholds don’t quite have the same build quality and styling, or at least not the same pedigree. But we didn’t make this a big part of the selection process. BlueStar specializes in all-gas models with super-strong power burners (reaching as high as 25,000 Btu), relatively few electronics (which may help make the range more reliable), and more than 750 finishes to pick from. It’s beautiful. The fan blades located at the back of the oven in conjunction with 6 heating elements ensure that no matter how many racks you use, each dish is enveloped in heat. ... As GE's high-end appliance line, Monogram products are built with materials that surpass the look of traditional stainless steel. The association with the mass-market GE brand did not help it appeal to label-conscious buyers. The dual-fuel models (including the 36-inch DF366) have versatile cooktops with some of the strongest power burners you’ll find, as well as the ability to hold some of the lowest temperatures. We’re leaning on the word of the experts because there’s not much objective data available about these ranges’ performance, reliability, or customer service. GE P2S920SEFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Dual... GE Appliances JGSS66SELSS, Stainless-steel, impressive, professional, and downright beautiful. The Monogram’s exterior is a polished stainless steel with elegant edges and large control knobs for a modern look. In addition to being less pro-looking than the others, Dacor ranges have relatively weak cooking specs. The 3-rack capacity is also really important to take note of. Materials Monogram sources the highest quality materials for our appliances. You don’t have to switch your bottom baking sheet with your top baking sheet halfway through. And we don’t think Monogram’s overall appearance is quite as impressive as the other ranges we’ve highlighted in this guide. Right below the edge of the cooktop are LED task lights that illuminate the burners and can be left on as night-lights. (The company acknowledges this and claims to have worked on correcting it.) *At the time of publishing, the price was $13,500. (Though in the future we’ll take a closer look at brands like Bertazzoni or Thor, which are styled a lot like our picks but can cost significantly less.). You have entered an incorrect email address! Remember, this is a strong tough range that can take anything you can throw at it, so admire it, but use it. Wolf also makes 30- and 36-inch models with induction cooktops. For starters, it’s one of the few high-end ranges that is certified compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. That can make it easier to pull off some tasks like getting a great sear on meat or melting chocolate without much of a risk of scorching it. There’s a panel that displays the oven and probe temperatures and timer setting, but it requires no navigation. It can be so frustrating to get the first casserole dish in only to find there is no way you can fit a second one in without having next to zero clearance. Non-touchscreen models are also available in all-gas, dual-fuel, induction, and conventional-electric versions. The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range features a whopping 5.7-cubic feet oven space. You can use the criteria in the How we picked section to evaluate any model you’re interested in. Use it to cook burgers, roast veggies, or press out a Panini or two. We’ll wait and see. Reviewed also reported that it earned great marks in their baking tests, especially on convection mode. The brand’s followers are very loyal (or at least vocal), and we’re sure they’ll ask why we didn’t make BlueStar one of our picks. Profile appliances are designed and built exclusively for in-home use. You get an illuminated instrument panel, and the soft, cool LED light will give your kitchen a perfect ethereal glow. If you’ve ever tried to cook rice without a separate rice cooker, you probably know this battle pretty well. Either design can work fine—it’s a matter of personal preference. Fill every inch of that astounding cubic space, and revel in all the delicious food you can make. This is especially important if you want a 48-inch range: They usually have two side-by-side ovens, in different sizes, and even the big one tends to be narrower and have less capacity than the single oven in a 36-inch or even 30-inch range. If you want a commercial or pro-style range, you will probably gravitate toward Wolf. … If you’ve been on the fence about going with a double wall oven or sticking with a single, this GE model is a nice compromise. We’re confident that we’re recommending some of the best ranges that money can buy, but other brands can be great, too. Although this is an old American brand that still manufactures in the US, it is now owned by Samsung and was not called out by any of the experts we contacted. Rustic European-style ranges are another somewhat common option. The Good Housekeeping Institute found that it was one of a few ranges that could bake three sheets of chocolate chip cookies to identical doneness, all at the same time (with the convection mode turned on). If you’re concerned about whether your favorite cookie sheet or roasting pan will fit, just bring it to the appliance showroom with you and see for yourself. The reverse-air system effectively wraps your food in hot air from all angles. The real challenge is to make sure you use your lovely range instead of trying to keep it in pristine condition. Experience peace of mind, convenience and an optimized performance with the SmartHQ app, which elevates the way you interact with your home and appliances … Staff writer Tyler Wells Lynch, who wrote our original guide to high-end ranges, spent more than 40 hours researching the category. You lose half the rice that you cooked all because the burner temperature was too erratic. You can capitalize on lots of oven space, but save money on the upfront cost. PERFORMANCE. It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the large stovetop, and it solves the problem of getting nicely-grilled food on a cold day. Prefer to save your grilling for the outdoors no matter what the temperature? The GE Monogram 36-inch gas range is loaded with features, and it is the upgrade that your kitchen has been waiting for. And we don’t have a facility where we can test these ranges ourselves. High-end ranges are for people with big budgets who want a heavy-duty stove that makes a bold design statement. The other thing this Wolf cooktop has going for it is that you can reduce each of its six sealed burners to a very low output of just 300 Btu—lower than on any other contender we looked at. If you’re shopping for a high-end dual-fuel range, chances are you have a big enough budget that the price differences between options are somewhat negligible. They offer 4 distinct lines, with Monogram … These ranges, made by only a handful of brands, are expensive and come only in sizes up to 36 inches. Our picks fall into these two most-popular styles. For a lot of cooks, this feature will prove entirely unnecessary, but if you’re a baker you’ll love it, especially if you make artisanal breads. They boast that they offer high style, superior craftsmanship, and award winning technology. To make sure you’re getting a range that works in your kitchen for your needs, you’ll probably want to work with a designer or a contractor, or at least a sales consultant at a high-end showroom. In addition to stainless steel, it’s available in red, cobalt blue, white, and black. It combines a large capacity oven with an impressive 6 stovetop burners. Miele ranges also incorporate more technology than most, with touchscreens and specialized cooking modes (though they stop short of smartphone control or voice commands). The more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that getting your stovetop burner low enough is usually kind of a struggle. Our picks are all available in all-gas versions (both natural gas and propane) if that’s what you prefer. Your appliances make your life easier. If you like the Miele look and pedigree but can do without the touchscreen, steam, or preprogrammed settings, Miele also makes a 30-inch dual-fuel model, a 30-inch conventional electric model, and 30- and 36-inch all-gas models. No electric-cooktop models are available though. Fewer brands make other sizes, but you can find some as small as 24 inches or as wide as 66 inches. And as a statement piece, the Monogram label just doesn’t have the same pedigree as Wolf, Miele, or others—probably because it used to be known as GE Monogram. Miele also has a strong reputation for long-term reliability and good customer service, and it’s widely recognized as one of the premier appliance brands. Some people prefer this design over mixed-output burners, because it offers the flexibility to use whichever burner is most convenient at any time. They chose to create 3 distinct styles to their GE Monogram appliances and allow you to add a seemingly limitless amount of options to create a kitchen completely customized to your needs. Miele M-Touch dual-fuel ranges (including the 36-inch HR1934DF) appear sleeker and more contemporary than most high-end ranges, which tend to look like they belong either in a restaurant or a European farmhouse. Your mouth waters over stainless steel fridges with the pull-out freezer door. Your pistachio-colored Kitchen aid stand mixer is your best friend, and you couldn’t imagine life without your handheld immersion blender. *At the time of publishing, the price was $9,000. You can serve up pancakes with ease at the same time you’re frying eggs. Reviews. The control panel has been replaced by knobs, which is a good thing. Varying with the settings, the “moisture plus” feature releases bursts of steam into the oven cavity. Monogram designs integrate cutting-edge materials used by top aeronautics and automotive companies to ensure its appliances deliver lasting beauty and quality to your high-end kitchen. Wirecutter is reader-supported. This is especially true when it comes to your kitchen range. It’s the perfect range if you have picky eaters because you can use all 6 burners to churn out different variations of the same thing. The porcelain-coated grates on the burners help turn your stovetop from an appliance into a statement piece. Another small electronic display pops out to set the clock, timer, probe, timed cooking, and delayed start. Think of all the things you can cook, all the meals you can prepare, and all the multitasking you can do with 6 burners instead of 4. Bertazzoni makes good-looking ranges with solid specs that cost a little less than the brands we recommend in this guide. by Cindy (MT Pleasant, SC) Not only am I doing a GE Monogram side by side refrigerator review, I am reviewing all of my GE appliances. That’s what makes the precision dual-flame burners so important. KitchenAid offers good cooking specs, seems pretty reliable, and comes in a few finishes—and costs less than many other brands. Depending on the width and burner configuration, you can get a cooktop with either four or six sealed, dual-stacked burners. We’ll try to look at this brand more closely next time around. Explore Monogram premium-grade appliances and feel like a chef in your own kitchen. If you really want one, you can get a high-end range with a conventional, radiant-electric cooktop. Having said that, you do have to be comfortable navigating a screen to avail yourself of them. GE P2S920SEFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Dual Fuel (Gas) Slide-In... Miele Gas Range Review: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Your Kitchen Needs, GE Monogram: The Best Products for Your Luxury Appliance Needs, Dacor Oven – A Comprehensive Review of the Product and Its Specifications. GE Monogram is the premium luxury appliance line of the GE appliance company, It is now part of the Haier company based out of China. However, Sharon tested many ranges over her career at the Good Housekeeping Institute, including many models from the brands we recommend. Each small detail on the Monogram’s appearance is a testament to the care that GE takes when designing an appliance. So, take a minute to discover all the wonders that it has to offer, and start pinning it to the top of your vision board because this stove is nothing if not #goals. is the leading online store for Monogram Appliances. Several dealers we spoke with said that customers often come in asking specifically for this brand. Among the burners, one is high-output, with a heat rating of 18,000 Btu, while the other three … So go ahead and fill your oven with those trays of cookies. The cooktops on Miele ranges have, depending on the total number of burners, anywhere from three to six power burners with max output of 19,500 Btu, and the remainder of the burners are 12,500 Btu that go down to 695 Btu. Elevate your video chats with monogram virtual kitchens. However, designs are now “moving towards a more refined, contemporary look,” according to Richard Anuszkiewicz, the kitchen and bath director for Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Maximum temperatures were too low to truly allow for extremely high-heat cooking, ranging from 320°F to 367°F, but failing to get any hotter. Burners were slow to boil water as well. They’re also self-cleaning. (Though if you’re a neat freak, you should know that both of these tend to be extremely difficult to keep pristine.). Monogram ZGP304NRSS: This Monogram pro-style range has four burners and a single oven. The burners on Monogram cooktops are all identical. You set the burner to the lowest possible setting, you watch the flame dwindle as small as it will go without going out entirely, and yet somehow, at the end of your cook time, the rice is stuck to the pot.