eliminate all enemies on the Bridge of the Damned before going back where you came from to retrieve the Winds at the main gate.Then, move the winds on the structure containing a chest on the left, before placing them in the sphere located a little farther on the bridge. #22 – Artefact 6/6 – 13:16 Same area as the legendary chest, at the end of the path, at a dead end. On the east side of the island covered in roots that must be burned off. Just to the left of the first barricade that you have to burn away. Runic moves are the game's version of special moves. … ". Location: After the second drop in the water level of the lake, climb to the top of the Isle of Death and go down along the rope that is in the wreckage of the ship to reach the chest. 1. It’s on the left. In God of War, the big man himself Kratos can find strange objects called Realm Tears. Here you will find pictures and a video that will allow you to locate them easily. After defeating a Soul Eater during the Favor quest for Brok, you’ll see this Legendary Chest in the same room. Inside Tyr’s Vault. Down the slope to the left hand side of the door to the Temple of Light, there’s a Nornir chest behind a door blocked by two vines you’ll need to hit with one axe throw. Climb up the chain and walk to the end of the path so that Atreus can see the solution. Contains a rare blades pommel. Nothing is missable, everything can be collected after the story. After climbing up and defeating a couple of wolves, you can get to this Legendary Chest by destroying the left poison generator by throwing your axe at the red container. Well, i left the realm, immediately came back, and still bugged. It holds a Light Runic Attack Gem, Fury of the Ice Troll. Holds a Light Runic Attack Gem, Njord’s Tempest. Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you need to … This first Legendary Chest is just on the right side of the path you take upon first leaving Kratos’ home. There is free-roam after the story so you can go back and grab missing runes. 1. Behind the rune door. Light Elf Shore God of War (PS4 - 2018) Walkthrough and Guide ... this page from www.SuperCheats.com. Holds a Light Runic Attack Gem, Tyr’s Revenge. If it makes any difference, i saved and hard loaded from the menu. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Possible bug with legendary chest #3 in Alfheim." Unlike Nornir Chests, they do not require any special tricks to open them. If you’re looking for other collectibles, be sure to check out our God of War Guide Hub. There is 1 Legendary Chest in the Light Elf Outpost, an area that appears after the waters of the Lake of Nine have lowered twice. You can see the runes from the ledge to the left. The door opens after you retrieve the Black Rune. Location: After the fight against Helson and obtaining the power of the Winds of Hel. Holds a Heavy Runic Attack Gem, Frost Giant’s Frenzy. Legendary Chest 14/35. Witch's Cave, Lake of Nine and the Foothills areas are the next stops on your journey through God of War on PS4.. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 1. It’s just underneath the main bridge near the Hidden Chamber of Odin and behind some world of tree sap. Legendary Chest Location: Be sure to check the left side of this platform after the battle, and you’ll find a Legendary Chest holding Njord’s Tempest, a Light Runic Attack. 1. Inside the room with the wheel that rotates the light tangles in the Light Elf Sanctuary. Next Page Stone Falls Previous Page Light Elf Sanctuary . Everything that’s needed for trophies and 100% completion is included. Locked inside a small tomb on the western beach. After returning to the Witch’s Cave, Atreus can solve a sand bowl rune puzzle to lower the platform and allow access to this Legendary Chest. You will need to bring Wind of Hel Energy down from up above to unlock it. 4. God Of War How To Escape The Temple Fast & Easy Way Light Of Alfheim Gameplay Walkthrough Get Out - Duration: 7:31. Follow this guide to hear about updates. Exploring the Lake of Nine God of War (PS4) Path to the Mountain (2) Völunder Mines. I know the game does some funky stuff with loading to keep the single cut experience so just leaving and reentering may not be suffecient to reload all the assets. The ones from areas that cannot be revisited will be made available for purchase at the shop. 2. 1. Legendary Chest 25/35. 1. Possible bug with legendary chest #3 in Alfheim. 2. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. At the bottom of the ring around the temple locked by roots that need to be burned. It holds a Light Runic Attack Gem, Hel’s Touch. x1 Nornir Chests; x1 Legendary Chests; God of War Light Elf Outpost Collectibles Locations. This guide lists the location of all the Legendary 1. In the giant claw room, bring in the mine cart and position it to get up to where the rock is trapping the cable. Guide Home Guide Menu . The video above shows how to get it open. It holds Runic Summon, Murder of Crows. You'll reach a temple, and in front of the chest is a barricade. In God of War (2018), Nornir Chests are a type of collectible that are tracked in all the regions you can explore. Missed getting the Eye of the Outer Realm in Helheim...any way back in? It’s locked behind a door requiring Winds of Hel Energy to be brought over from the opposite side of the cave. I tried reloading. They can contain some pretty valuable items, including armor pieces, upgrade materials, and runes to enchant your weapons with. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. 2. Started a new game, I reached the shores of nine, headed to the light elf shore and guess what? 2. Legendary Chest Location There is only one Legendary Chest that is located on the Shore of Nine, and it is technically on Tyr's Temple although it is only accessed later in the game. This video shows all runic attacks (fully upgraded to Level 3) in God Of War (2018). Holds a Heavy Runic Attack Gem, Mists of Helheim. 5x Legendary chests; 4x Nornir's chests; 2x Realm Tear Encounters ; Our guide to God of War shows excactly how to get all the collectibles and secrets in Alfheim. Legendary Chests in God of War are filled with crafting materials, equipment, runes, and even armor. #4 – Legendary Chest 2/2 – 2:23 From the last legendary chest, slide down the left zipline and you’ll land in front of the last collectible of this region. Most of them are drops by bosses or they are found in legendary chests (the golden ones). How to do the giant hand Easter egg in Die Maschine – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies, How to play Nuketown ’84 Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Sitting on a grassy ledge on your way out of the stronghold. What happened to this series? 1. Regardless, hope it all works out in the end. In the room with the traveler, pull out the rock and climb it, then rotate the wooden shard that is hanging from the ceiling in order to climb over. 1. Inside the Lake of Light, after fighting several dark elfs and an Ancient. Holds a Light Runic Attack Gem, Strike of the Utgard. A few can be bought from the shop. River passage. 4. For the Legendary Chests, you can look up their locations in the complete God of War Collectible Guide if needed. 2. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Legendary Chests?! 2. 5. Legendary Chests can be identified by the golden light streaming out of their lid. Noob Tube 64,159 views So that you do not stay even one, we tell you the situation of each one of them divided by areas, so that you find it much easier. 1. #3 – Legendary Chest 1/2 – 2:03 Same area as the artefact, in plain sight (top of the mountain). Climb to the very top and ride the rope down from inside the shipwreck. - Page 2. This section of the God of War Guide is dedicated to the 8 Týr’s Braziers you have to light for the Labor entitled “Light of the World“.Here you will find the location of each of them as well as informations about the languages needed to understand the runes. This one is not as big of a deal but with all these patches, you would think these bugs wouldn't still exist, right?! At the very first gate down the stairs is a tomb that must be opened by bringing Winds of Hel Energy all the way back to it. This Legendary Chest can be found on the platform below the main light bridge leading to the temple. Light Elf Outpost contains 4 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4). The Lake of Nine is vast with many secrets to discover and now is a great time to begin exploring, much to Kratos’ dismay. I am having the same issue. Legendary Chest #13 [Tyr’s Revenge]: Take the passage down in the far summit cavern. It’s just sitting inside the final storeroom on the right and holds a Light Runic Attack Gem, Wrath of the Frost Ancient. After leaving Sindri’s shop after the dragon fight, in the tunnel on the right. 1. I made a post on Reddit and tried contacting SIE studios via their Twitter but no response yet. On the path just before one of Odin’s Hidden Chambers, it is locked behind a door requiring Wind of Hel Energy which you can find along the left path behind some poison and roots that need to be burned away. In the Witch’s Cave near the sand bowl puzzle. 1. 3. Back Outside, the Lake Area – We’re now heading back outside via the blue light … This part of the God of War Guide is dedicated to the Legendary Chests that are hidden in the Light Elf Outpost, one of the regions of the Realm of Midgard. Here is how to get the amulet: Amulet of Kvasir (talisman) For this puzzle, use the wheel to spin the root nodes around until it can be turned no more. There are three collectibles that you need to find and collect in Light Elf Outpost. Is it fine if I play God of War on PS4 without playing the others? The World is your Oyster. Read below to learn about location of the items. Among the many collectibles in God of War are Legendary Chests. They are the most powerful attacks in the game and have a cooldown period. After removing the obstacle keeping your ship from floating higher, use the lift on the inside to go up a level and then climb back down in order to pass underneath it to find this chest. The worst God of War game of the franchise. Inside the enclosure down at the beach. Light Elf Shore. At the Light Elf Shore, through the right tunnel, overlooking the lake. That’s 100% of the collectibles you can find in Isle of Death area in God of War. Holds a Light Attack Rune for the blades. 2. 4. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium . 1. SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00 I don't think it will magically appear post story....! Lore markers in Alfheim; Artifacts in Alfheim; Odin s ravens in Alfheim; Legendary chests in Alfheim; Nornir s chests in Alfheim At the very top, holds a Runic Summon, Bitter Squirrel. Just got this game for 15 bucks. 3. Legendary Chest 34/35. This Nornir Chest is found very early in the game, as you hunt for deer with Atreus. Raging inferno of muspelheim new game plus question. I emailed SMS with the video and they said my post was forwarded to the team. 3. Holds Ymir’s Breath, a rare pommel. Be sure to check back regularly. Just to the left of the Witch’s House is a sand bowl puzzle. Another Nornir chest can be found in the north of Lake of Nine at the Light Elf Outpost after the water drops for a second time. It contains a Runic Summon, Storm of the Elks. 2. At the bottom near a wheel that you have to unlock first by clearing out vines. This guide is a work in progress and will be updated as new Legendary Chests are discovered. 1. Guide God of War (2018): location of all legendary chests . Next to the reaver ship behind a gate. Climb up onto the ledge and continue along to find a legendary chest with a Frost Giant’s Frenzy heavy runic attack inside. Realm Tear Encounters: 1 Legendary Chests: 1 Nornir Chests: 1 Hidden […] Inside the area behind the rune protected gate, after fighting a troll and unlocking the door. This guide will show you where to find them. Nothing. I thought maybe I just want able to access it yet but after completing the area it still never opened. 1. A legendary chest can be found on the Light Elf Outpost island to the north of the Lake of Nine once it has been drained a second time. Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for God of War (PS4 - 2018) Print this page More Guides. 5. On the way out of the ringed temple after activating the main light. Once the rune is solved and you head down below the Lake of Light, in the room to your back right, solve the light tangle puzzle to reach the chest with a Heavy Runic Attack Gem, Thiazi’s Talon. Well, I'm going to officially call this game broken. 1. #21 – Legendary Chest 4/5 – 12:52 Follow the path to the right side of the aforementioned elevator and the chest is in plain sight. Now there is no tear to interact with. Holds a Runic Summon, Falcon’s Dive. At the top where you once fought a battle behind a gate that is now open. Legendary Chests of the Light Elf Outpost. The legendary chests in God of War (2018) can be identified by the golden light that comes out of its lid, so at a certain distance you can see them. With all these Legendary Chests collected, Kratos and Atreus should be very well equipped. Then freeze the remaining poison generator to reach the chest and get a Light Runic Attack Gem, Charge of the White Bear. You now have access to a large number of side content for the first time. Contains a Light Runic Attack Gem, Leviathan’s Wake. This Legendary Chest is located in the Witch’s Cave found by jumping over a few gaps and holds a Heavy Runic Attack Gem, Ivaldi’s Anvil. 1. Nornir Chest 16 - Midgard - Light Elf Outpost. This walkthrough will guide you to all the collectibles in Light Elf Outpost Region in chronological order. Destroy the branches on the right so that Atreus can get in and open it for Kratos. 1. Turn around and head back to the tunnel. Holds a Light Runic Attack Gem, Icarus Storm. I completed the puzzle but the games never opened for me.