Disease prevention is one of the best alternative careers for registered nurses who enjoy research and data. Registerednursing.org points out that genetics is fairly new among nursing careers. The options here will not only give you more time at home but can essentially allow you to ‘be your own boss.’ They aren’t as hectic or fast-paced as working in the ER. However, nurse lobbyists provide important work for communities, states, and countries. They also may not have the same competitive salary, but if money isn’t your concern, these alternatives can offer you more flexibility in your day-to-day life. Becoming a registered nurse down not mean you are relegated to working in a hospital or clinical setting. Nursing professors work for universities. Registered nurses, with their background in healthcare, as especially equipped to serve in these positions. Pharmaceutical nurses are employed by pharmaceutical companies in different capacities. It should be relatively easy to find a position with a home health care agency if you have the right qualifications. Nursing facility administrators are in charge of a team of nurses. This job comes with a lot of opportunity for growth. Becoming a nurse case worker requires education and and a lot of experience. With no signs of slowing down, new openings continue to become available all the time. There are multiple agencies you can work with to make house calls. Occupational health nurses work with businesses to create better safety conditions for their employees. People with relevant nursing experience may have a leg up when it comes to finding medical writing jobs. These professionals can find an array of rewarding employment opportunities in out-patient facilities, community clinics, and in other non-hospital settings, including roles as hospice nurses, dialysis nurses, and nurse midwives. They teach employees how to get the most out of their nutrition and fitness, often leading classes and seminars. As a nurse manager, you will be charged with supervising and managing staff as … The trade-off, aside from the adventure, is that the cruise line pays for the nurse’s meals and lodging, so nurses in this job don’t have to worry about housing fees or groceries. As an alternative nursing career, forensic nursing can be an exciting choice. With an average salary of $95,000, nurse researchers can live comfortable lives. Let your supervisor know that you’re interested in nursing jobs not at bedside. Other times, it’s just easy to get burnt out on doing the same things day after day. Others may stay in the medical field, but allow you to take a step back from your regular routine. 9 Jobs for Nurses Who Want to Get Out of Nursing Entirely 1. In many cases, you have to deal with patients and other…, I'm Lou, and welcome to Phlebotomy Examiner! Genetics nursing is a great choice for those who love research and love working directly with patients. You may love nursing itself, but just want a change of pace/scenery. Program developers work for nonprofit organizations, universities, nursing home facilities, and many other places. By the middle of their careers, healthcare compliance specialists can expect to make around $80,000. In addition to nursing experience, it’s also good to understand statics for this career. Health services manager. While these positions are crucial and rewarding, they may not appeal to everyone. Occupational and industrial health nurses have great job prospects. Forty-nine percent of nurses have considered leaving the profession, and 54 percent report that their work negatively impacted their mental health. However, it’s tough to nail down the specific numbers. The average nursing salary is about $102,000 per year. These are scientists who work with academia to study diseases, treatments, prevention, and other health-related topics. Top 14 Alternative Careers for Nurses. These nurses specialize in treating diseases with genetic factors. You can choose whether to go across the country or the globe. You may be interested in an alternative career path for nurses that takes you out of the standard nursing profession and into a new field. The average quality assurance nurse salary is $71,949 per year. But it is not necessary to continue working as a nurse! Salaries vary a lot by practice, state, and experience levels. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nursesgive patients basic care and monitor and record their health, such as by checking their vital signs. Up to 26% by 2022. Registered nursesevaluate p… If you’ve decided that traditional nursing isn’t a good fit for you, you’re likely looking into alternative careers for nurses. 25 Alternative Nursing Careers for 2020 1. Absolutely not. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. The median reported salary is $68,450. Just because nursing may not be your passion anymore, there is undoubtedly another healthcare job that will fit your needs and wants. Insurance nurses should be comfortable with research and analysis, and they should also be comfortable reporting their research findings to their representatives.